OUR SERVICE & philosophy

We have providing several inspection services for ISO Tank Container mainly Periodic Inspection (30 months & 60 months) as representative Japan of Silver/CIMS LLC inspection services, Inc. authorized by DNV-GL to carry out in-service tank container periodic inspection or certification surveys including On/Off-Hire and other subsidiary services on behalf of DNV-GL.
We believe that our mission is to support and assist operators', shippers' carriers, shipowners' and/or charterers' operation and tradings, and to help for next generation of the market.


Inspection witness for official report and certification on ISO Tank Container (UN Portable tank)

  • Periodic Inspection [ 2.5 years (30 months) / 5.0 years (60 months) ]
  • On/Off-Hire survey
  • Condition Survey
  • Cleanliness inspection
  • CSC renewal inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness test
  • Renumbering
  • Other relative inspection for ISO Tank container and Safety Relief Valve (SRV)


As 3rd party and as individual service, assist, support and assessment of Inspection and investigation for insurer or assured against Marine incidents, Marine matters, claim/possible claim, condition survey,

  • Condition Survey (for cargo and vessel)
  • Claim or possible claim for cargo
  • Claim assessment
  • Collision
  • Physical injury
  • Violation of law
  • Grounding
  • Oil pollution